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Rusty formed in the summer of 1994 in Toronto, Canada. They released three albums in five years before disbanding in 1999. In 2011 they reformed to play a couple of well-received reunion shows at NXNE and decided to keep the motor running, with a slightly different lineup. Original bassist Jimmy Moore (who now lives in the U.K.) was replaced by ex-Weakerthan's bassist John P. Sutton, hence Rusty 2.0 was born.  

As of December 2017, the band has launched a PledgeMusic crowdfunding/album pre-order page at 

If you are interested in pre-ordering the new album via download, C.D. or vinyl or are interested in one of the band "experiences" just go to our PledgeMusic link above and have a little shop. All the funds will be going to the recording, mixing, mastering and manufacturing of our first new record in twenty years! And please share our project on social media so we can reach as many of our old fans as possible...and hopefully some new ones too.

"Save The Album" Tour Announced! 


Well, our PledgeMusic crowdfunding campaign is more than half over, and we're about halfway where we need to be to make this recording. Now, being optimistic types, we're definitely not freaking out or anything...but in case you don't believe that we've announced a little mini-tour of Southern Ontario just to give it a little push! As fuckin' terrible February ends and you're dying to get out of your house and into a bar while there's still light in it...rusty will be touring through…

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New Rusty Record On The Horizon! 

   First off, let me apologize for the long interval between blog posts. I had originally started this thing when we launched the website back in January, thinking that our crowdfunding campaign for our new album was right around the corner. Well, the real world intervened, and it took a bit longer than we had anticipated getting all our ducks in a I just kind of slacked off on keeping up the blog (to be perfectly honest) As a result, this post won't be a rusty or Doughboys story ( although I…

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Beach Nazis, Henry Rollins And The Chicken Wire Solution 

     I think I mentioned in the first instalment of the series that I wouldn't necessarily be writing stories only about rusty and that I might delve a little deeper into my rock'n'roll back pages. This tale will be exactly that, a little story from the summer of 1987 when I was a member of The Doughboys and we were in the U.S. on a three-month tour supporting an album that was recorded and mixed but somehow remained stubbornly unreleased for the entire time we were on tour. I left off the last blog with a…

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I Left My Heart Valve In San Francisco 

   This being my third blog post, it occurred to me that I might like to expand the scope a little bit and bring in some other tales of touring with bands I played in previously to Rusty. And the only band I did any significant travelling with outside of Rusty, was Montreal's late, great, Doughboys, a band I co-founded with John Kastner and Brock Pytel ( Jon Asencio was added shortly thereafter through auditions) Now the blog is still Rusty related, but I was hoping there was some sort of literary device I…

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Riot On The Old Mississippi 

    In this weeks blog, I’m going to introduce you to a much beloved figure in the touring life of rusty. His name is Brian “Big Bird” Daigle and he was really our first tour bus driver/buddy/confidante. We hooked up with him for the first time in 1995 just before we started a nine month run opening for Collective Soul in the U.S. and Canada. Big Bird had driven everybody from Aerosmith to George Clinton to Russian figure skaters during the previous two decades. He also owned his own 1970’s vintage…

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 Staredown in the Desert  

Greetings webpage visitors! Our webmaster just reached out too me and said “Scotty, we need some content for the new site. What about doing a blog” (by webmaster I mean our tech-savvy drummer John Lalley) My only experience with actual blogging was back in 2010 when I put one up about a lo-fi Garageband  punk rock record that I made with my old Luther Victim co-creator Pat Madden aka Glam Parson. We wrote and recorded 10 songs with nothing more than an acoustic guitar and a shitty old Mac laptop. The…

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