"Save The Album" Tour Announced!

  Well, our PledgeMusic crowdfunding campaign is more than half over, and we're about halfway where we need to be to make this recording. Now, being optimistic types, we're definitely not freaking out or anything...but in case you don't believe that we've announced a little mini-tour of Southern Ontario just to give it a little push! As fuckin' terrible February ends and you're dying to get out of your house and into a bar while there's still light in it...rusty will be touring through southwestmiddle Ontario in the first days of March hoping to god the snow is low on the ground. 

    First up is a gig at "This Ain't Hollywood" in Hamilton on Thursday, March 1'st. Lou Molinaro is a rock'n'roll treasure and we're chuffed he's having us back at his club. The last time we played there it was a real love-in and fun as hell...we're looking forward to it immensely!

     The next night, on Friday, we are at The Starlight Room in Waterloo, which will be a first for us. In the early daze of rusty, we played a ton in Kitchener at The Volcano and other spots, so it will be cool to do our first show in that area in probably twenty years! (except for that Cambridge Ice Storm show...never mind)

      And we'll be wrapping it up on Saturday at the club that we have probably played more over the years than any other...Call The Office in London ON...when we first played there after our initial reunion shows in 2011, longtime booker and all around stand up guy Tony Lima pointed us over to the wall of old posters, where our name appeared pretty well every three months or so between 1994-1999. 


   In case you are missing out on all the cool PledgeMusic updates, since we aren't posting them one by one here on the website...here's a link to the last couple we did...enjoy, and see ya soon hopefully!



sorry that's so small, they've digitally hogtied me here...